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The Eruption | Finding Pompeii
City of Pompeii

~*Facts on Pompeii*~

Where is Pompeii?
  • Pompeii is located in Southern Italy.
  • Its location is near the Bay of Naples
  • Pompeii is about 150 miles to the Southwest of Rome.

What is Pompeii?

  • Pompeii was a resort city where many rich people would stay and visit.
  • The city became well known when it was engulfed by ash from Mt. Vesuvius

Why is Pompeii Important?

  • Pompeii is important to Romans because of its luxioury and resort-like nature.
  • Pompeii is also important because it gives people a view of life in Ancient Roman times.

Who was Pompeii built for?

  • Pompeii was built by the Oscans
  • Pompeii was originally called Colonia Veneria Cornelia Pompeii for the person who conqured the Pompeii area and for Venus the goddess of love.

What was Pompeii made from?

  • Pompeii was made from all types of stones, such as granite and marble.

When was Pompeii built?

  • Pompeii was built of founded in about 600 BC.

When was Pompeii destroyed?

  • Pompeii was destroyed by Mount Vesuvius on August 24th, 79AD.
  • In 63AD, Pompeii was damaged by an earthquake.